A global issue with WhatsApp has been fixed

A global issue with WhatsApp has been fixed

France Press agency

NOS . Newsmodified

WhatsApp experienced a worldwide outage this morning, the chat service is now working again. The problems started around 09:00 Dutch time and eventually lasted for over an hour and a half. Reports were received worldwide. The platform has 2 billion users.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told NOS earlier this morning that due to the outage, “some people can’t send messages to each other” and confirmed that a solution is being hard at work. No official confirmation has been received from the company that the app is working again. It is also not clear what went wrong.

This kind of major crash in WhatsApp does not happen very often. Last year, WhatsApp parent company Meta – which is also the owner of Facebook and Instagram – suffered an hour-long outage. These are rare, and often resolve within an hour or a few hours at most.

The chat app is very popular in the Netherlands: according to research agency Newcom, it is the most used social media service with 12.5 million users. The service is also very large in other parts of Europe, Asia and South America. Think, for example, of countries like India and Brazil. In light of the current time, users in that first country in particular will be affected by blackouts.

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