A “famous” tycoon turns away from Jan van Egklan in Hezers …

A "famous" tycoon turns away from Jan van Egklan in Hezers ...

Municipal councilor Kies van Velzen (Traffic / CDA) announced this at the city council on Thursday evening. We’ll run an experiment for six months. We’ll look at the results before the summer. ”

Last week, many residents expressed dissatisfaction with a previously planned return to a position in Jan van Ecklan on December 18. Dura Vermeer announced this, because rebuilding West Dorpsstraat would then be completed and alternative driving routes would be available again.

Last year, locals were delighted with the opportunity to drive through Jan van Eijcklaan. They make great use of the temporary drive route through the roundabout near the Fire Brigade, past Weidelanden, to Plan Zuid and the Dorpsstraat. This has reduced traffic jams at the Gemeneweg / Dorpsstraat junction.

Not happy

So Van Velsen wants to meet these locals, although he thinks there are also Hazerswouden residents who are afraid of the inconvenience. “We know that a number of locals will not be happy either.” The post was once placed there to prevent traffic cuts in Jan van Ecklan.

The counsel spoke about the trial after a question from CDA Council member Jeroen van Gaul. He also belongs to the Hazerswoudenaars group, who are glad that the “now famous pole” has gone. This did not lead to further disturbance in the neighborhood. In fact, this resulted in fewer crowds at the Dorpsstraat / Gemeneweg junction. “The Municipal Councilor has also heard many satisfied voices about the lost pole.

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