“Frustration within the police over the new investigation organization MIT” | right Now

"Frustration within the police over the new investigation organization MIT" |  right Now

There is frustration within police teams such as the National Unity and the High Tech Crime Team over the recently created investigation organization Multidisciplinary Intervention Team, he writes NRC Friday. The specialists will turn to MIT, causing a loss of knowledge within the police.

In secret phone call to the newspaper, National Investigative Service chief Andy Cragg writes about the “looting” committed by MIT by removing “specialists and personnel” from the police.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded after the murder of attorney Dirk Weersum, then the attorney of the main witness in the Marengo trial, Nabil B. , In September 2019. The aim of the new investigative organization is to better combat the organized crime that undermines it.

The goal of MIT is to work alongside and complement existing police teams. However, according to Gert Ras, president of High Tech Crime, his team is currently “falling apart” because employees are switching to MIT because they can earn more there, he says in NRC.

“The successful battle against high-tech crime and subversive crime threatens to undermine itself,” says Ras.

“Interested professionals are already doing important work.”

When asked, a spokesperson for the national unity indicated the response of the police force in NRC. It states that MIT can play a welcome role in fighting crime, but specific qualities are required for this.

“Professionals who now work in the police and other organizations are interested in these positions while they are actually doing important work,” the National Police said in the newspaper. “This signal was known to the leadership of the police force and was the reason for its submission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

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