Make a note on your agenda: Keukenhof will be open anyway!

Make a note on your agenda: Keukenhof will be open anyway!

In any case, the year 2021 begins on a positive note, because Keukenhof will open anyway! This way you can spend a day playing the tourist in your country. Combine a visit to Keukenhof with a stay in beautiful surroundings and enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands. That, of course, does sound like music to the ears, but we have better news, because there won’t be any foreign tourists present this year. This way you can enjoy the beautiful flowers in peace and take amazing shots.

Keukenhof hopes to open in March

Keukenhof hopes to still be able to welcome visitors at the gate on March 20. The flower garden planted 7 million flower bulbs last fall, and according to director Bart Symrink, it is completely ready to open. Although it remains to be seen in what form this will happen.

“Yes, we will open this spring,” Simirink says. “We are doing this in the knowledge that we may have to act quickly with the new government measures due to the Coronavirus,” he added.

Good news: Keukenhof will be without foreign tourists this year

Until May 9 through May 9, visitors can pre-book their tickets at time slots. Wearing a mouth mask isn’t a problem yet. Symrink: “Our biggest advantage is that the park is completely outdoor. We can keep everyone within five feet of each other.” Keukenhof relies on less attendance than usual, because foreign tourists from the United States and Asia are disappearing. “In 2019, we still had 1.5 million visitors, and this year we’re not expecting more than half.”

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Worst case scenario: Virtuele Keukenhof

The park also takes into account the changing conditions. In the worst case scenario, Keukenhof would withdraw last year’s show. At the time, the colorful sea of ​​flowers could only be seen by default. In collaboration with the MAX broadcaster, among other things, it ultimately reached 23 million viewers. “If necessary, we repeat this approach. But of course we hope for an actual visit.”

We hope Keukenhof opens up to actual visitors. Combine your visit for a night or a few nights. There is a lot to try in this area. So you can also have a nice day at the beach at Noordwijk or take a walk in the historic town center of Leiden. You can complete your vacation in your country by staying in one of the accommodations below:

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