A documentary on Four Seasons by Donald Trump’s team in preparation | right Now

A documentary on Four Seasons by Donald Trump's team in preparation |  right Now

according to final date He was working on a documentary about the Four Seasons Total Landscape in Philadelphia. The park center accidentally became the venue for the team’s press conference about former US President Donald Trump last November.

Rudy Giuliani, a former New York City mayor and legal advisor to Trump, may have wanted to organize a press conference at the iconic Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia at the time. It appears that a staff member made a mistake that resulted in all employees reaching an industrial area in the same city.

During the press conference, held a few days after the US presidential election, Giuliani claimed that there was widespread fraud during the election. These allegations were later fully debunked, after which Joe Biden was chosen as the new President of the United States by the largest number of votes.

The documentary includes the owner and manager of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping business.

Director Christopher Stud looks forward to starting production. “It’s a great honor to tell the story everyone wants to hear. After this difficult year, we really need some humor.

It is not known where and when the documentary will be shown.

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