50PLUS and Liane den Haan misconduct

Root is not easy to get rid of

That 50PUS and Liane den Haan do not belong to the Binnenhof is a bold and incorrect claim from a democratic point of view. Nearly 70,000 votes were required to take a seat in the House of Representatives. 50PLUS got 107,000, of which 80,000 were for party leader Lian Denhan. So the party and Han religion are democratically elected. But in the image of the already violated policy, these two things can be missed as a toothache.

Both the party and the party leader wreaked havoc and caused massive damage to politics. If the government were a corporation, 50PLUS would have dissolved as an underperforming division and Dean Hahn could have been dismissed immediately as an incompetent manager. They should both be ashamed of the gang they caused.

As director of ANBO Seniors Association, Liane den Haan has agreed to a retirement agreement, which is 50PLUS against her to the bone. A full state pension at age 65 is a crown jewel for the party, but it’s a straight jacket for Dan Han that you don’t want to be tied up in. But why on earth would you want to be the leader of a party where the retirement age is fixed? You only do this because you want to get into politics if necessary. Self-interest prevails far above the party’s interest. Dean Han should have started his own party.

As party leader, she ignored the electoral program, and ignored the party members who founded that program. She quarrels with the current parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, belittled the candidates on the electoral list, and did not need to consult with the parliamentary bloc in the Senate. It’s a pattern that was also evident with her previous employer. After a fraud case by local ANBO officials, they reacted very harshly: they banned the accounts of hundreds of local administrations and took all power. From now on, head office permission was required for every activity READ: Dean Han. This not-so-fun title earned her to Mrs. Putin. ANBO lost 56,000 members at the time, a third of the total.

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This did not prevent 50PLUS Board of Directors from nominating Dean Hahn as the new party leader after Henk Kroll fled. “Here he is again,” asks interim president Jean Nagel. After his predecessor left, Dells changed the party office by closing the doors. Although it was clear from the start that Dean Han would go her way and ignore the party’s principles, the council did not intervene. Only after the dramatic elections – a third of the members had not voted for their party – did they realize that things went completely wrong.

It’s the nature of 50PLUS to escalate arguments. In its twelve years of existence, the party has leaped from riot to riot, from political leader to political leader and from expulsion to expulsion. In that relatively short period of time, 50PLUS destroyed three party leaders (Henk Kroll, Norbert Klein, Martin Bay) as well as many party leaders (Jan Nagel, Willem Holthuisen, Gert Dales). For some time there were two political groups in the House: 50PLUS / Baay and 50PLUS / Klein.

The party (which includes seven million voters aged 50 or over) would have grown into a relatively large and established party for the elderly with ten seats in the House of Representatives and fourteen in Parliament in nearly all of the counties. This was revoked due to constant bickering, jealousy, and a disturbing reluctance to cooperate. It’s all about ego children who go exclusively for their own gain. In that respect, 50PLUS is a great match for Dean Han.

50PLUS has virtually disappeared from the Binnenhof; Only “across the street” seats remain in the Senate. They are also at risk of disappearing within two years, in the upcoming provincial elections.

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Liane den Ha will continue her political career single-handedly without a party. This suits that one person.

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