5 new seasons of series that we are looking forward to

5 new seasons of series that we are looking forward to

Sometimes it takes a long time to wait for a new season of a series that you like. This is why it’s so sweet to announce new seasons. Unfortunately, Homeland is already over, but there are a lot of good series out there that will be running for a while. We have gathered 5 series for you that you can expect a new season from soon. Well, the countdown can start!

The Handmaid’s Tale Seizoen 4

In case you haven’t seen the series yet, The Handmaid’s Tale is about the land where the state owns women. Weird series that sometimes gives you goosebumps. The Handmaid’s Tale, which can be seen in the US via the streaming service Hulu, has already won awards, including the Golden Globes. Videoland features all three seasons and Season 4 starts from April 30th. You can watch a new episode there every week. May the Lord open up.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive seizoen 3

The new Formula 1 season is about to begin and it is no coincidence that Netflix comes a week before the start of Season 3 of Drive to Survive. In this third season, the focus is more on the drivers themselves and how they test different race tracks. 2020 was an odd year for the sport. In the series we see Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. All episodes will be available simultaneously and can be watched From Friday, March 19.

Lupine – the second part of the first season

Lupine has been a hit on Netflix and we understand that very well. Because this is an amazing, amazing series. As far as we are concerned, it looks away wonderfully. The story is touching and surprising and takes place in Paris. We were a little disappointed that we finished watching so quickly. Because you rushed through those five episodes. Fortunately, the second season of Season 1 comes this summer. We don’t know when exactly, but you can count on us we’re ready!

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The Blacklist Season Seven and Eight

Are you a big fan of the blacklist? Then we have good news for you. Since this week you can watch the seventh season of the action series on Netflix. And on Videoland, the first two episodes of Season 8 can be watched this week. It might be a little baffling, but that doesn’t matter to fans of the series. You don’t know the series yet? Then you can still go ahead!

Sunset seasons 4 and 5 sell out

Sunset Sale is all about a bunch of super estate agents in Los Angeles. Women sell millions of properties in the Hollywood Hills and this comes with a great deal of drama and prostitute fights. The series is so popular, which is why Netflix recently announced two new seasons. Good news, because you can dream away from completely inaccessible buildings in Hollywood. We don’t know exactly when they’ll appear, but according to the ladies themselves, we don’t have to wait long for them. You don’t know the true life series yet? The first three seasons are still on Netflix.

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