4 of the best surreal video games you should try

Death Stranding

Video games are supposed to be fun and a great way to unwind after a busy day. However, some video games are completely mind-boggling, making you question everything that happens in the game and leaving you completely confused. And if you haven’t played any of the video games before, we recommend you to try it. There is a strange sense of satisfaction one can feel when the surreal puzzle pieces come together at the end of the game, and the once disoriented story ties itself together. Of course, not all games are able to do this, so we picked only the best games that are able to offer this experience.

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Bioshock Group Photo: Amazon

The Bioshock The series, especially the original Bioshock And the Infinite BioshockFor their ability to mess with the mind. The more time the game story sinks, the deeper the rabbit hole will be. From the start, players will feel that something is not suitable for how everything inside is photographed Bioshock And the story gets worse as gameplay continues. However, at the end of each game, all the seemingly abandoned loose limbs come together, resulting in a satisfactory and clearly understood result.

Pledge Image: Nintendo

At first, one can assume that Undertale It is a game that sparkles with positivity and encourages players to choose a non-violent approach to the enemies they face. But in the middle or at the end of the game, it becomes apparent to the player that the game is designed to hijack the psyche of the individual and confirm the choices that the game offers. A great game in my opinion.

This mine warfare
This mine warfare Photo: Amazon

Most players might have already played something that put them into the role of the soldier, but in This mine warfarePlayers assume the role of a civilian caught between two fighting forces. This mine warfare It is cleverly designed and regularly puts players in situations where they have to take care of themselves and their families with their morals to the test.

Death by strand
Death by strand Photo: Amazon

The fourth game on the list is Hideo Kojima Death by strand, And a game that left many players’ minds bewildered. Death by strand He starts himself out with a lot of confusion and the players are bound to find themselves questioning everything that is happening around them. But, as one continues to play, everything clusters slowly in a convincing way.

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