$ 3M Powerball Grand Prize after winning $ 20M

$ 3M Powerball Grand Prize after winning $ 20M

Powerball was reset Thursday to $ 3 million after a Melbourne player won the $ 20 million jackpot last week, and it took five days to advance and claim his prize.

If there is a winner in the raffle, they will be the first player of 2020 to win a $ 3 million Powerball prize.

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So far this year, there have been 12 winners in the Powerball division and together they have earned more than $ 440 million in first-class prize money.

“What a way to end 2020, with $ 3 million in your bank account,” said Lotte spokeswoman Lauren Cooney.

“Would someone nominate a multi-million dollar prize tomorrow, or would the grand prize go up? We’d just have to wait and see.”

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It took nearly a week for the latest Powerball winner to come forward and claim his massive first-division win at Powerball last week, which was pulled on Thursday November 26.

The ticket was unregistered, so officials from The Lott had no way to contact the winner to break the mind-blowing news.

Instead, they had to wait for the ticket holder to verify their ticket and apply to claim their prize.

Since tickets are not registered, lottery officials do not know who the winners are or have any way to contact them.

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Mrs. Connie reminded the players to log them into the player card.

“For players who want a chance to become a millionaire overnight, we recommend entering early to buy a ticket, to avoid missing anything,” she said.

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“We also recommend that players log in to the player’s card. This means that their reward is safe and we will be able to contact them directly to inform them of the good news in case they win.”

To participate in the multi-million dollar sweepstakes, bettors must select their 7 favorite numbers and a Powerball number before the Thursday night draw.

There are nine prize divisions in Powerball. You can win a double-digit winning prize plus a Powerball number in one game.

To win the jackpot in First Division, your entry must match all 7 winning numbers plus a Powerball number in one game.

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