1,800 minors were also on a blacklist of secret tax authorities | interior

1,800 minors were also on a blacklist of secret tax authorities |  interior

“There are a number of possible explanations for why minors can stand independently in the FSV,” Filbrev wrote. “For example, if there was work on vacation or a side job that led to a danger signal.” He promised to inform the House of Representatives with more details if it had “more clarity”. It concerns about 1,800 young people, of whom more than 1,000 are still minors.

Filbrev also acknowledges that the Tax and Customs Administration made a mistake in informing these young people. A number of them had received a letter themselves, while the legal representative should have been informed. The Secretary of State promises to correct this error and apologize for it as well.

The FSV scam has since been rescinded because it violates privacy legislation. People can be included in it at the slightest suspicion of fraud, without their knowledge. Once they were listed, the tax authorities assumed, without further review, that they were “not in good faith”.

In any case, this meant that if they had a debt with the tax authorities above €10,000, they would not automatically qualify for debt counseling or arranging for payment. Research has not yet shown whether FSV has also been applied in other ways.

And Villebrev previously described the course of events as “unacceptable”. He investigated how many people were harmed as a result of this method. Results are expected in September. There may be a compensation system, such as for victims in a childcare allowance case.

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