Ziggo’s malfunction is a “time-consuming job”, and it’s definitely going to last until Sunday morning

Ziggo's malfunction is a "time-consuming job", and it's definitely going to last until Sunday morning

The outage at Ziggo will last all evening, night and certainly part of the morning. Amsterdam residents in many districts of the city, including the south, east and west, have not had a television or the Internet since yesterday, or they do not have a television. The provider says that six of the fiber-optic cables have failed and that it is difficult to repair these cables quickly.

By the way, it is very possible that the cables got bumped while working, which is not Ziggo’s business. “It’s definitely not an ordinary malfunction,” a Vodafone Ziggo spokesperson said. The six broken cables seem to have multiple breaks.

individually welded

“Fiberglass cables consist of several glass wires, which must be individually soldered,” the spokesperson says. “It’s a very time consuming job. But we have the right experts on site to get the job done.”

Vodafone keeps a live blog on its site updates about the issue. The spokesperson stresses that this is not for all Amsterdam Ziggo customers, but some of them. The company cannot limit the number of customers involved.

end of the afternoon

The outage started yesterday afternoon. Customers have previously been told the issue will be resolved by 9pm on Friday, 7am on Saturday, 3pm on Saturday afternoon, 6pm on Saturday night, and then 10pm on Saturday night.

This was modified again at 9.15pm. Ziggo now assumes 10 a.m. Sunday morning. However, some customers had TV and internet again on Saturday evening because one of the six fiber optic cables had been repaired.

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“Preparations for soldering the rest of the fiber-optic cable are almost ready,” Ziggo wrote in her live blog. “This means that new cables have been placed next to the spacers. Technicians will continue to solder as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we currently expect all fiber optic cables to be repaired early in the morning. The team of experts will also continue tonight with repairs.”

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