Google Maps: navigation and route planning without traffic jams – this is how detailed traffic statistics can be called

Google Maps: navigation and route planning without traffic jams - this is how detailed traffic statistics can be called

when actively used, Google Maps Navigation It uses a large number of data sources and predicts current and future traffic flow. This data is not available for public access in its pure form, but the data used for navigation and route planning can be displayed very easily in the user interface and add value on smartphone and desktop. This feature even provides statistical information in the browser.

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Google Maps can provide very clear and detailed information about the traffic situation, although in most cases the current situation is important in this area. To do this, simply show an additional layer placed over all roads with more or less heavy traffic, and display the current situation using a simple scale from green (flowing) to red (off). This data is available for all sections of the road and even for individual lanes in different directions.

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Show traffic on your smartphone
  1. Opens the Google Maps app
  2. Click the Layer button on the right below the search field
  3. Select the entry “Traffic Status” under “Map Details”
  4. Now the layers are permanently displayed on the map

This was all on the smartphone, because only the current traffic state can be called up, while the statistical data is unfortunately completely missing – even if the current state is largely dependent on those statistics anyway. It becomes more interesting in the browser.

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Show browser traffic
  1. Opens Google Maps in the browser
  2. Now click on the hamburger menu next to the search bar to expand the sidebar
  3. Now click on “Traffic” and activate it
  4. You will now see the same smartphone screen as well as the control bar at the bottom
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The control bar is interesting: you can not only use the slider on the right to show and hide the screen, but you can also switch between “Current Traffic” and “Normal Traffic”. Perhaps the name was not chosen well, but behind it hides an interesting statistical tool.

Google Maps traffic jam stats

Both the day and the time can be set precisely to a quarter of an hour. The map has been updated live. With this powerful tool, you can plan with pinpoint accuracy what day of the week or what time you have to go on the road. It is of course only statistical data, but in many cases it should be very useful.

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