Zeeland Adrienne falls into ‘barbecue air’ due to wildfires

Zeeland Adrienne falls into 'barbecue air' due to wildfires

It’s bushfire time in Australia. “We have now put out three fires,” Adrian says. “And new fires broke out yesterday.” “It’s not far from where we’re staying. But it’s somewhere in the middle of nowhere.” The fire is expected to extinguish on its own. “We’ve been outdoors for two days. That’s very normal.”

Bad luck

In the meantime, Adrienne is still involved in a major project in which one of the roads is being renovated. This goes in fits and starts. “There were problems with the broken machine, flat tires. Everything went wrong this week!”

Construction of the road is almost complete, workers still have a kilometer left. “It’s a challenge, there aren’t many companies that would like to take on a project like this. We specialize in it. We think it’s a great challenge.” But sometimes Adrienne thinks: “What have we started … It would be nice if the next three weeks were quiet.”

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Adrienne Verburg has had an exciting week

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Adrienne Verburg from Kortgene went to Australia at the beginning of 2016. A trip was planned, but once in Australia she met her current partner and decided to stay. She currently lives in Fraser Range Station in Western Australia, where they run a contracting company, a large cattle ranch, and a campground with a restaurant.

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