“YouTuber” sends an AirTag tracker to Tim Cook and Apple returns the device (and character)

Un 'youtuber' envía un rastreador AirTag a Tim Cook y Apple le devuelve el dispositivo (y una carta)


July 24, 2021, 20:05 GMT

In addition to the CEO of Cupertino, the blogger sent two more devices: one to Elon Musk and the other to North Korea.

A YouTuber sent three Apple AirTag trackers to Apple CEO Tim Cook; SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk; As well as North Korea, with the intention of monitoring the passage of gifts through it FindM app. Unlike other recipients, Cupertino returned the device to the blogger and even attached a letter.

All devices were Posted by Frankfurt (Germany) by YouTube, author of the MegaLag channel, and the monitoring app was able to determine where each device remained. Thus, the AirTag bound for Apple Park (the company’s headquarters in California) was located somewhere in Nevada. “YouTube” proved that the charging trip that carried the device I was flying over that city. It was possible to connect the iPhone of someone on the plane to the device, which quickly sent the location to Find My.

Finally AirTag arrived at Apple Park and stayed there for a while six weeks. Later, They brought him back to Germany With a signed letter from an administrative assistant in Tim Cook’s office.

Thank you for sharing your project on Apple AirTags. We are excited to hear about the creative uses of AirTags and how they can improve the lives of our customers. As you can imagine, Mr. Cook receives hundreds of messages every month from clients like you. Unfortunately no Can respond to all requests. But we hope you will continue to enjoy your AirTag when you return from your unique trip around the world.”

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The fate of the other lottery

As for the AirTag that was sent to North Korea, it never reached the destination, even though the device was moved to the Korean Peninsula. In fact, Travel to South Korea, but it did not appear in Find My, since its use is prohibited there, details of the 9to5Mac portal.

The gift also did not reach Elon Musk personally, as he stayed at SpaceX headquarters for two and a half weeks. Then AirTag released its last signal in Castaic, California, where it was Recycling.

AirTag, released on April 20, is a file Sticker Technology It sticks to anything and allows it to be tracked. The device consists of a small stainless steel dial with a speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth low energy and a battery that allows it to work for a year. It can connect to your iPhone, where it will be displayed in the Find My app.

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