YouTube improves the video quality options on its app

YouTube improves the video quality options on its app

On the YouTube mobile app, two new quality tuning settings were invited. We can now choose to impose the best quality or save mobile data.

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So far on the YouTube app, we have only been presented with two options for adjusting the quality: either we accept the app to decide for us by clicking on “automatic”, or we can select a specific video quality.

Now, two options have been added to improve this one a bit. By opening the Quality tab in the YouTube app, we are faced with four options. The first, which we already know, is the “automatic” mode. It will take care of changing the video quality according to the received bitrate.

It has not been fully developed yet

The second, High Quality, declares that it uses more data. By clicking on it, connected to 4G, we ended up with either 720p or 1080p.

For people who want to control mobile data usage, it looks like the third option called “Data Saver” is ready. It promises lower image quality. But with his choice, we ended up with 360p, but also 1080p for another try.

Finally for those who want very fine quality, it is always possible to choose the fourth option, which allows choosing a quality ranging from 144 pixels to 2160 pixels, that is, from 4K.

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These new features have been incorporated into the quality preferences, which can be found in the app’s options, that allow each video to be played with the same setting. Unfortunately, the fourth option is not available in the preferences, which means that anyone wanting to send all of their videos in 4K will have to manually change the setting every time they watch it. Pity.

Usually, these new quality checks are already published in your application. If not, you may need to update your application.

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