You will really feel the holiday feeling in the Scheveningen Terrace with Pool

You will really feel the holiday feeling in the Scheveningen Terrace with Pool

Scheveningen does not stop at the end of North Street. We discovered a great place behind the Carlton Beach Hotel. There you can enjoy your drink in the pool, it looks like you are on vacation! “I’ve been doing what I love for the past 26 years,” says owner Edwin Belstra.

It’s still early when we’re at the Oscars gate. Beach season begins again, so Edwin rolls up his sleeves to clean up his place.


The luxurious Scheveningen bathroom used to be in this spot, right before the Zwarte pillow. In the pool there were servants at work who would do everything to please the guests. And even before that, this was where the beach wagons parked. They were drawn by horses and carried the wealthy to the sea. In the early ’90s there wasn’t much to see from all this luxury, but then Edwin came along.

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“During a holiday in Australia, I visited Oscar Beach Bar a lot. This was the only beach bar there and a lovely place where it had always been a party. When I got my hands on this Scheveningen piece, I immediately knew the name to give it to him. The Oscars!”


Edwin loves to show us his work: “I’ve been doing what I love for 26 years, and not everyone can say that.” We are allowed to take pictures of everything, but it is not necessary to take them with the camera if necessary. Two years ago, he appeared in AD with a story about his disabled toilet, because not every beach bar in Scheveningen has it. “I was shocked when I was in the picture all the way, I don’t have to.”

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Everyone can come here for a drink or something to eat, but the tent is often rented. Corporate, interior, weddings and fashion shows regularly pass here. But if you are lucky, there is no event and you can sit on the balcony. There is even a private spot in the dunes, “Paul van Vliet laantje” will take you there. And the pool? This is for show, because there is no lifeguard, so you are not officially allowed to swim in laps.

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