You should never delete these files on Android or else you will have problems

Nunca debes borrar estos archivos en Android o tendrás problemas

If you have old mobile Or with little storage space, you’ve probably already tried all the tricks to free up storage space or memory. at Android phone With the long usage period, there are several major places to save storage and wipe things you don’t need. Of course, in those moments when you start erasing things you may reach a certain limit Files that should not be deleted Never if you don’t want to run into problems.

Data, System, Recovery and SDcard folders: Never delete them

These folders are so important that many file managers from manufacturers They hide so you can’t erase them. It contains files that are essential to the operation of the device and the operating system. Some files may be deleted and will be automatically recreated again, but Others don’t.

If you are deleting content from your Android device You should never touch the Data, System, Recovery and SDcard folders. Almost everything it contains core files for the proper functioning of your device. If you delete it, it may cause the system to lose information or not to operate your mobile phone properly.

Some of these folders contain files Information such as the operating system Or large files, so some file managers tell you it’s too heavy. After erasing everything, it’s tempting to erase these folders as well and Free up more space. Don’t do this if you don’t want to miss out on the essential content.

What you can delete to free up storage

An Android mobile device that has been used for months without a factory reset can store a file A large number of unnecessary files. It is a good idea to clear the cache of installed apps, some apps you no longer use, large files which takes up a lot of space and Duplicate files.

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Doing this manually can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where all the files are. There is an app that largely solves this problem and we highly recommend it. These are files from Google. It is a file manager that not only works well but also has a section to free up the storage space you don’t need.

Delete large filesDuplicate, apps you don’t use, cache, and more. All in a very intuitive way and without jeopardizing the folders and files we mentioned before.

if you want Delete files from your Android phone You must do it knowing what to erase and what not to erase. Using apps like Files will help you and will make sure you do it properly.

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