“you do not understand”

"you do not understand"

Jos Verstappen was present at the Grand Prix in the US, where he saw his son Max Verstappen win in an amazing fashion. Prior to the race, he was on the grid, where Jack Pleug attempted an interview on behalf of Ziggo Sport. However, this did not go particularly smoothly.

“We can do the interviews again.”Blogger calls him. “Ah cute”, it sounds somewhat cynical from Limburger, who adds that it depends on who’s doing the interview.

Then the pit reporter tries to ask him a few questions, but amid the noise on the net, this proves to be quite a challenge. “I do not understand anything”, says Verstappen.

Verstappen should get used to interviews again

It’s been a while since reporters have been allowed to give interviews on the network, so it’s understandable that everyone is getting used to it. Mouthguards and loud motors don’t make it easier either.

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