Vélo Mag – Exceptional Gabriel Muller, turned pro at 33 after three years of cycling

Vélo Mag - Exceptional Gabriel Muller, turned pro at 33 after three years of cycling

Gabriel Muller started cycling at the age of 30 and became a professional at the age of 33 without participating in any formal competition. At the age of thirty-five, a member of the Burgos team (a continental professional), the Frenchman dreams of being in the “Top Ten” and participating in the Vuelta a España. Rich and curious personality from the middle. He’s tall and slender, accentuated by the raised forehead and ringed temples, as well as the locks set like Brian Setzer’s hat. Without these rings on each ear and on his left nose, he would be no exception among cyclists, the interweaving of tattoos around his arm like never before in a peloton. Read also Vaucluse invests in gravel exercise Gabriel Muller smiles unabashedly as he tells his story. It is not sad or normal. A real series whose final part was surprising. Now 35 years old (36 in December), he never rode a bike before he turned 30. At that time, his app business was booming: enough, he didn’t have it before “I work more than three or four hours a day because I honestly can’t focus anymore ». Now this little gap in everyday life has led to Tour de France – which I love seeing on TV. Gabriel Muller “In life, I have to set goals for myself, and once I focus on myself, little or nothing will stop me. As nothing scares him more than boredom, it won’t cost him much to buy a bike and start riding. Two hours or more. For starters, Three hours a week: no more time to talk about running, but disproportionate projects have already popped into his head.He trains more and more, soon takes part in one or two sporting events, including Granfondo Nice, where he goes well.SAS, The candor and confidence of the XXL was without any other reference, having signed any license or driving an amateur race, and a few months later was hired by the Luxembourg-based Continental Team Differing.Amazing?Not much if you know the nerve of hallucinations and human candor. “I offered to bring some money, it helped me,” Determines. It’s convincing, of course, but it leaves the central mystery of this story for what it is: unlimited confidence. To play Freud, you could say that Gabriel Muller doesn’t have a “super-ego”. Instead of psychoanalysis, personal development is what our man thrives on, which he claims has devoured all literature: “In life, I have to set goals for myself, and if I focus on them, little or nothing can stop me.” 33 At this age, Gabriel Muller signed his first professional contract, three years after he started cycling. Those who – on the outside – will see it as a Christophe Rocancourt-style trick, they can only compete with the bike and you have to pedal the same way. Moreover, except for employment, there is no miracle. This was our first season of Laskar DNF . group [did not finish] ». Withdrawal after parole or fall. “At 1.88 meters and a weight of 70 kg I have more than one climber model, attached. However, she started with flights in Belgium and the Netherlands. I shit. It was cold too. I started without knowing it. The first three months I didn’t finish racing. “ Although there is no doubt about Gabriel Muller’s endurance, the science of his placement is still in its infancy. But the design is real and progress continues. For this first season he managed to finish the Hungary tour. The second, in 2020, passed through the ranks of the Cambodia Cycling Academy, finishing 12th in the Serbian Grand Prix.

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In 2021, it was the Burgos team, the Conte Pro formation (Second Division), who recruited him, interested in His attributes and his knowledge of the Asian calendar where it has goals. “I was really surprised that this was possible, the person concerned notes. The season has begun, not bad. I went through a little slump. During the Turkey tour, I fell in love only on the last day. “ Read also Recycling centers want to make cycling more sustainable for migratory birds What sets this unclassified animal apart is not that it trains hard without a trainer, nor that it rolls almost 100% on its own and always has music in its ears. What sets him apart from other professionals is not the difficulty of maintaining a healthy weight, nor the fact that he can tolerate it (“When I’m hungry I eat a big steak, and when I’m not hungry I eat a salad”). Nothing more than so-called party flavor (“I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t come home at five in the morning, but I have to go out and dance, it gives me energy”). It is not even the field of iPhone applications, which runs between India and Salvador, whose income would have enabled this hack into the professional package. It is his lost soul. Gabriel Muller loves to ride bikes, but that’s the only way he’s been following a lifestyle he’s already been through, since his parents’ divorce and the two years he spent in the States with his mom and brother. Muller is a migratory bird. While Europe was besieged and the race halted, the company brought him to Colombia. He drove there. I just landed in my mind right now, his other homeWhere he will spend the winter, because the weather is very cold in Berlin. Also read the hydrogen bike goes to the future on the Indonesian island, he will count the top ten he has drawn for himself, and perhaps he will share his dream Vuelta. “It’s not impossible” He closes with a smile that you shouldn’t let go of too often.

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