Yeppe Janssen leads the way in 2022

Yeppe Janssen leads the way in 2022

With seven goals in her last four matches, Yibbi Jansen is currently the most accurate player in the Eredivisie major since it resumed after the winter break. At Tulip Hofdeclasse Maine, top scorer Alexander Hendricks added another goal to his season total. In the women’s and men’s promotion category, little has changed at the higher levels of the scorers’ standings.

Women’s main section

Yibbi Jansen extended her personal record with the winning goal on behalf of SCHC in the first game last Sunday against Den Bosch (0-1 win). With 22 league goals this year, the Brabant player is getting close to club record Ginella Zerbo, who scored 24 goals in the Eredivisie major on behalf of SCHC in the 2018-2019 season. Bloemendaal’s penalty spot specialist Demi Hiltermann added two strokes to her total.

Frederic Matla remains the undisputed leader with 31 goals. Although the Den Bosch striker has scored four goals in his last five league matches, she has failed to score three times in that series: against Amsterdam, Kampong and SCHC. We haven’t seen that in a while. It once again shows how rare her past eighteen straight runs are.

player club Objectives
Frederic Matlack den bush 31
yabi jansen SCHC 22
Demi Hilterman Bloomingdale 15th
Josie Borg den bush 9
Jet Michaels Hurley 9
Michel Fillet Amsterdam 8
Ben Van Ness hdm 8
Curry Stam Pinocchi 8
Maxime Kerstollet Pinocchi 8

See the full scorers list for the 2021/2022 season here

Hoofclass tulip for men

With a late draw against Klein Zwizzerland (3-3), Alexander Hendrix reached the 20-goal mark in the league for the second consecutive season last Sunday. This ran out of nearest rivals Jeb Janssen and Jeroen Hertzberger, who failed to score on behalf of Kampong and Rotterdam respectively.

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Thierry Brinkmann (Blomendahl) and Trent Mitton (Amsterdam), No. 4 and 5 on the list, each scored one goal during the previous round. Mitton has scored in his last four matches for Amsterdam, and is currently the highest number of goals of all players.

player club Objectives
Alexander Hendricks Pinocchi 20
jeep jansen kampong 16
Jeroen Hertzberger Rotterdam 14
Thierry Brinkmann Bloomingdale 13
Trent dead Amsterdam 12
Gordon Johnston HGC 11
Aki Capellar KZ 11
Jess van Merenbuer orange red 11
Leandro Tolenic Tilburg 11

See the full scorers list for the 2021/2022 season here

women class promotion

Little movement at the top of the standings, with Rotterdam players Rebecca Huygens and Annebrigitte Rietveld still at the top of the standings. Djwicki Vogel (Larren) and Bloen van Domlen (Nijmegen) joined the second division with each of them scoring for the sixth time this season. Vogel has now scored in her last three matches (four goals) and is now Laren’s most productive player.

player club Objectives
Rebecca Higgins Rotterdam 11
Annebright Rietveld Rotterdam 11
Bo Van Kempin joke 10
Amber Vollmer houses 9
Rosella Lindemann Leonidas 9
Mickey Roberts Tilburg 9
Charlotte Hocken Pose Rotterdam 8
Claire Fisher Groningen 6
Djwicki Vogel Larin 6
Billion Van Domlin Nijmegen 6

See the full scorers list for the 2021/2022 season here

Men’s Promotion Category

Tijn Stuve continues to score for Nijmegen. The 24-year-old striker contributed one goal to the 4-1 win over Victoria on Sunday and has now scored in the last five rounds (six strikes). He now ranks joint fifth on the scorers list with eleven goals.

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Mark Webber (Shervaigde) added two goals to his season total. He’s now had fourteen hits and has watched the gap with Boris Stumps (Kartosz) and Boris Burckhardt (HDM) shrink. Stumps and Burckhardt did not score last Sunday.

player club Total
Boris Stumps cartridge 19
Boris Burckhardt HDM 17
Mark Webber Sherfayd 14
Thomas Face Larin 13
Kenny Benno Larin 11
Tag Stuff Nijmegen 11
Adrian Stolke before 11
Doku Tilgenkamp HDM 9
David Bloom Nijmegen 9
Jill Fajr Sherfayd 9

See the full scorers list for the 2021/2022 season here

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