WSATools 0.2.5 Released: Android App Installer for Windows 11 Replaces Amazon

WSATools 0.2.5 erschienen: Android-App-Installer für Windows 11 ersetzt Amazon

WSATools, developed by Simone Franco, is an Android app installer for Windows 11 that can install Android apps in the form of Android packages (.APK) and serve as an alternative to the Amazon Appstore, which has a small number of apps. Thus, WSATools plays a central role in the new Windows subsystem for Android.

WSATools brings Android apps to Windows 11

Even if WSATools is not from Microsoft, the Easy-to-Use Installer for Windows subsystem for Android is offered directly in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10. However, it can only be used under Windows 11, since the Windows subsystem for Windows 10 Android is required for this. Unlike the Windows subsystem for Linux, the compatibility layer remains exclusive to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Install Android apps with a double click

WSATools integrates seamlessly with the system and integrates double-click installation of Android packages via Windows 11’s native file explorer.

WSATools – Highlights and Features
  • APK installation made easy: just one click.
  • Explorer integration for APK files: double click and press install!
  • No need to install ADB and know its commands. WSATools takes care of everything!
  • If you already have a platform-tools package in your path, you’ll use that package!
  • Backup & Restore Android Subsystem Apps & Data!
  • More features soon!

With the latest version of WSATools, just released v0.2.5, a bug that made it impossible to use a user-provided ADB package has also been fixed.

WSATools start screen (Photo: WSATools)

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is an interface between a computer and an Android smartphone. Can be used to send commands to a smartphone via a USB cable.

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An alternative to the Amazon Appstore

WSATools manages what Microsoft and Amazon simply can’t do with their own app store in this country: bringing a slew of Android apps to Windows 11. Originally discussed as a feature for the initial release, the Windows subsystem for Android and the associated Amazon Appstore have been delayed several times. .

The subsystem and app store are now also available outside the US and Japan, including Germany, but they offer a bit of added value with a limited number of apps. This is where WSATools comes in.

With the ability to install APK files, WSATools greatly expands the selection of Android apps under Windows 11. The developer has posted more information and details as well as other links to WSATools v0.2.5 on their official Twitter account.

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