Lewis Hamilton draws a line under Abu Dhabi: ‘I refuse to live in the past’

Hamilton zet streep onder Abu Dhabi: "Ik weiger om in het verleden te leven"

Lewis Hamilton faced one of the biggest disappointments of his career at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on December 12, 2021 when he saw his seemingly sure eighth world title disappear in plain sight from the port. It was Max Verstappen who took the win after a controversial final stage and the British driver looks back on that agonizing race.

After the US Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion took the time to speak with a select group of media and of course this meaningful day in Abu Dhabi will also be discussed once again. The question is whether Hamilton still thinks too much about losing that world title. Quotes: “It feels like years” Motorsport.com. “It was an incredibly tough event, whatever you want to call it. But have you really thought about quitting the sport? I don’t give up that easily.”

Hamilton’s surprise

Hamilton explains exactly what caused that pain. “What really hurts is that something like that was possible in this sport, and it could happen, even though there are a lot of people you can count on. You expect people to do their job well. The result of the world championship, where there were a lot of people working hard because it It’s decided by someone who makes a wrong decision, you know? That was the only thing really ”, confirms the Briton. “I still love working with my team or racing, but it was…to lose a championship because of the wrong way the organization works, and that surprised me.”

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Personal hostility?

The Mercedes driver was asked if he thought Michael Massey’s actions were personal. “I don’t know, it’s been a long time. It was a bad decision. I’m sure there was ego involved and there are several factors at play, there are people whispering in his ear. But I don’t feel like it was directed at me,” defends the Australian. Despite everything, Hamilton has had enough to think of Abu Dhabi. “I’m done with it, refusing to live in the past. I actually tried it in 2007 when I was young, and it cost me a few nights of sleep, it was such a negative experience,” looks back away.

A look into the future

So it’s time to draw a line under it. “When you hold on to that negativity, when you start to hate it, it keeps playing tricks on you. I’ll keep going. I’m looking forward, no matter what happened in the past. I don’t want to worry about it anymore, there’s nothing I can do about it.” I’ve given it all, as always. I’m sacrificing everything and I’m ready to do it again. That’s what I’m working on now,” concludes the Seven-Time World Champion in an intense interview with the press.

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