Working title “Godzilla vs Kong 2” has been revealed, now filming has begun

Working title "Godzilla vs Kong 2" has been revealed, now filming has begun

Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse got a big boost in 2020 when Godzilla vs Kong became one of the first successful films of the Covid pandemic. Now the filming of the second part has begun in Australia under the working title “Origins”.

Although the movie won’t premiere until 2024, the return of the Giant Beasts, and what they bring with them this time around, will require a fair amount of post-production work.

The Godzilla vs Kong match delivered what everyone wanted to see; Two huge monsters fight each other before joining forces to defeat the true villain.

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While previous installments in the Monsterverse have struggled a bit due to fans focusing too much on the people in the movie, Godzilla vs Kong didn’t waste much time bringing the two behemoths together and generated enough interest that alongside the sequel there will also be a pop-up series on Apple TV+.

While not much is known about either project yet, a social media post confirming the working title “Origins” appeared on a plaque bearing director Adam Wingard’s name.

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