Technology through the Ages

Although Millennials are often the clear front-runners when it comes to embracing new technology, other generations, such as Generation Xers (Gen Xers) and Baby Boomers (Boomers), have slowly begun to close the gap. A survey conducted in 2019 has shown some surprising bucks to trends, which we’ll have a look at in this blog post.

Is your Natural Age the same as your Online Age?

It may be assumed that your internet and technology usage will reflect your real age, just as this survey has shown. However, this isn’t always the case. You may be one of a few Silents that enjoy spending loads of time on Facebook, seeing pictures of your relatives, and messaging. Alternatively, you may be a Millennial that prefers the great outdoors and socializing, perhaps only using technology when absolutely necessary. 

It’s these different approaches to technology, particularly the internet, that can be used to reveal your online age. For instance, from the device you usually watch a TV show on and the type of tech you own, to the social media platform you spend most of your time on and the daily hours you spend on screen, all add up to create your internet age. Determining your technological age could very well help you to reassess how you use the internet. For instance, if you’re the Millennial we just described, you may decide it’s time to join your friends and family, and catch up with those you lost contact with years ago. 

What is clear is that generations use technology in different ways. For the younger ones, like Millennials, that have been born into a technological society, it would seem natural that they would embrace technology as part of their natural lives. 

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For older generations, that have spent a lifetime without technology infringing on their lives, this may not be so easy. Those generations that fall in between these extremities could go either way, depending on their household income and educational background.

Bucking the Trend

Since 2012, the amount of Millennials that use social media hasn’t changed much from around 86%, yet the other generations, including Gen Xers, Boomers, and the Silent Generation (Silents) have seen a 10% increase. When it comes to Facebook, most Millennials and Gen Xers say they use it, whereas the number of Boomers and Silents has increased their time there. The amount of Silents has jumped from 22 to 37%.

All generations use the internet, but not primarily via their smartphones. Additionally, tablets are used more across these generations, but much less by Silents, as is broadband, which may come as little surprise.

Boomers are rapidly catching up to Millennials and Gen X when it comes to getting used to new technology, yet the Silents are still considerably lagging behind. There are various reasons for this, including a lack of confidence and physical challenges when using some devices.

It’s clear to see that although technological usage has plateaued for the younger generations, it’s being increasingly used by the older ones. This shows that society is generally accepting of how technology advances. Perhaps the Silents need more support to catch up to the younger generations. But this is only if they want to.

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