Wordle: The word game that conquered the internet

Wordle: The word game that conquered the internet

Shortly before the 2021 expiration date, more and more Twitter users began posting images of small yellow, green and gray squares, which at first glance resemble a Tetris video game, along with a number indicating the grade of the staff. But what is this? This is one of the last obsessions, the manipulation of words with the name Word Played for free, it has conquered the Internet and is constantly gaining new players.

Game Creator

It all started when he was a software engineer on Reddit Josh World Based in Brooklyn, he created a puzzle game for his partner who is a fan of word games. In fact, the two are passionate about the Spelling Bee column and the daily New York Times crossword puzzle. Warld may have originally set up a similar project in 2013 and eventually abandoned it, but the new endeavor, the guessing game Wordle, has been one of the activities that will keep them partners for months during the pandemic. When he introduced this new project to his family via WhatsApp and noticed that the response was positive, he thought he might have had a unique proposal in front of him. He decided to implement his idea and release it to the world. The game debuted in mid-October 2021 and on November 1 it had 90 players, a number that more than two months later reached over 300,000 locals.

Game rules

Those interested can find Wordle at powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/. It is basically a puzzle that is played only once a day and invites players to guess a five letter word. After forming a word that comes to mind and consists of this number of letters, the game informs whether any of the letters placed in the secret word and whether they are in the right place. If pressing enter color in the boxes is grey, it means none of the letters they will choose, if yellow boxes appear, some letters are there but they are not in the correct position, and finally if the boxes are green, the letters are in good standing. There are six attempts to find the secret word and the innovation here is that players are limited to one game per day.

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“The game is simple and fun, it does not try to breach your personal data or cheat. In addition, it does not have an ad banner and it will continue to do so,” said Ward in a recent interview with BBC Radio 4. This is not the first World activity to attract the attention of an audience big. He has previously collaborated on two highly successful social experiments, The Button and Place. As for his new project, the creator asserts: “It’s something that encourages you to devote three minutes a day. It’s all like he doesn’t want more of your time.”

According to information from the New York Times, BBC

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