Wolff disagrees with Verstappen’s comments: “It’s obviously a huge success”

Wolff is het niet eens met uitspraken van Verstappen:

Toto Wolff disagrees with Max Verstappen’s comments about the “Drive to Survive” Netflix series. According to the Mercedes team boss, he was also initially skeptical, but it is now clear how much success the series has had, and how important it is to F1’s popularity.

Verstappen was already negative about the Netflix series ahead of this weekend’s race in Austin. “I realize this must be done to increase popularity in America,” Verstappen said. News agency. “But as a driver I don’t like being a part of it.” Verstappen stated that they took his interviews out of context and that they staged a lot of things. “They did some competitions that didn’t really exist,” he added. So the Red Bull driver decided not to take part in the programme.

Increasing popularity in America

During the team chiefs press conference, ahead of the US Grand Prix, Wolff and McLaren boss Zak Brown were asked what they thought of the series in response to Verstappen’s comments. Brown noted that the series was very important to the sport, especially in America, where it brought in a large number of new fans and increased its popularity.

New angle and great reactions

Wolff also agrees with his colleague’s statements and contradicts Verstappen’s. “We were also not happy with the arrival of Netflix at first,” the team leader said. “Because we wanted to be able to focus on our performance on the right track. But I was wrong, obviously a huge success. Yes we are a sport and we have to stick to the values ​​of sport and we don’t have any gimmicks. But sport is also entertainment and I think these guys have brought a new angle , a new dimension. And the reactions we got from the fans have been fantastic, especially here in the States,” said Wolf.

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