Pre-professional training | IGP is looking for young talents in electronics, computer science and similar NNDC

Pre-professional training |  IGP is looking for young talents in electronics, computer science and similar NNDC

To promote the development and research of science, Department of Geophysics in Peru (IGP), an institution under the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), opened the VMBO program in 2022 for students of public and private universities in the disciplines of electronics, systems engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science and the like.

Are you interested and looking for an internship, this is your chance. Applicants for the “Scientific Research and Technological Development for University Students” program must meet the following requirements: Study from the seventh to the tenth cycle, not being employed, delivery of a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or advisor, degree and registration certificates.

With these requirements you should come in: this site Where to find detailed information about the call. Remember that Registration closes on November 19th.

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On this occasion, seven students will be selected to begin their developmental training at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory in the summer of next year.It is considered one of the most important research centers in the world for the study of the orbital ionosphere.

As part of their professional training, they communicate with researchers in the field of remote sensing. from leading foreign universities and you will receive a fee of $350.

Since 2013, when the pre-professional training program was established, more than 60 students have been part of itNow he is successfully practicing his profession in our country and abroad.

The program is sponsored by the International Association for Science and Cornell University in the United States.

This is the tenth edition of the program that aims to train new talents in science and technology, Provide selected students with knowledge, experience and advice so that they can use what they have learned when undertaking a scientific research or technology development project.

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