With these 6 dishes, you’ll quickly (again) get into an Italian atmosphere | cooking and eating

With these 6 dishes, you'll quickly (again) get into an Italian atmosphere |  cooking and eating

cooking and eatingAre you also disappointed that this beautiful holiday is already over? Do you yearn to return to the Italian terrace where you enjoyed this delicious pasta? Or are you unable to go on vacation to Italy, but are fond of Mediterranean cuisine? Eatertainment has selected six Italian dishes for you. Bellissima!

Stuffed Meal Soup: Fagioli Pasta

Stuffed Meal Soup: Fagioli pasta. © ETERMENT

Traditional Italian soup with pasta, beans and tomato broth. It is also called “noodles and beans”. Easy, fast and full of flavour.

Melanzen with mozzarella

Melanin with mozzarella.
Melanin with mozzarella. © ETERMENT

A classic Italian delicacy we all know: melanzin. melanzin It means eggplant in Italian and this is also the main ingredient of this baking dish. This time we make it a little different, so that you can put a surprising dish on the table.

Orzo risotto with salmon and peas

Orzo risotto with salmon and peas.
Orzo risotto with salmon and peas. © ETERMENT

Orzo is officially considered a type of pasta, but it has the shape of a rice grain, and therefore it can also perfectly be prepared as croissant. How to make the perfect risotto Opinions are completely divided. You can add the liquid little by little or as with orzo rice with salmon and peas: all at once.

Mushroom arancini

Arancini mushroom.
Arancini mushroom. © ETERMENT

Arancini, also known as risotto balls, is made in two steps. But your efforts will be rewarded doubly! This variety is vegetarian and ideal as a snack. Use leftover risotto or make risotto from this recipe. Just like bitterballen, let it cool for a while before eating it. Delicious with pesto sauce.

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Pinsa Romana with buffalo mozzarella and olives

Pinsa Romana with buffalo mozzarella and olives
Pinsa Romana with buffalo mozzarella and olives © ETERMENT

“Healthy” and easy to digest pizza, it sounds too good to be true! However, Pinsa Romana has it all. Pins with their distinctive oval shape have been made since the time of the Romans. The dough is more tender than regular pizza, because the dough contains more water and consists of different types of flour. Plus, the dough stays on longer, which makes it more digestible than regular pizza.

spaghetti arabicata

Spaghetti arabicata.
Spaghetti arabicata. © ETERMENT

The name Arabiata It means angry noodles. This has to do with the spicy taste. This type of pasta is originally from the region of Rome and always consists of hot peppers, tomatoes and garlic. Something less spice? Then use red pepper without the seeds.

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