Windows 11: How To Get Started Update Today!

Blitz-Updater für Windows 11
Windows 11 is ready, but it has not yet been offered as an update on most Windows 10 PCs. Reason: Microsoft is gradual distribution of the new operating system in order to rule out potential problems. Microsoft releases Windows 11 for other compatible PCs only after updating its own Surface devices and tested models from hardware partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Thus the process can last for weeks or even months. Don’t you want to wait that long? Speed ​​up the process with the exclusive COMPUTER BILD flash updater. The program downloads the required installer from Microsoft’s hidden servers on the Internet and makes Windows 11 ready to start right away. For the actual installation, the program uses Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool, which has not been officially released at this time (as of October 4, 2021). Until then, the software uses AveYo’s innovative MediaCreationTool wrapper. Before starting the tool and downloading Windows, it is best to read the tips in the following paragraphs.

Blitz Updater for Windows 11

Do you have the correct copy of Windows 10?

Windows 11 Update Requirements: You have installed the previous version i.e. April 2021 update with build number 21H1. How to check this:

  • Press the Windows key, click and alienate and confirm login using Enters.
  • A window appears telling you which version of Windows is installed.
  • If the entry is ‘Version’ followed by the number 21H1Blitz-Updater can be installed.
  • There is the number 21H2You already have the latest version of Windows – you don’t need a Blitz-Updater.
  • Is there a smaller number, for example 20H2Update Windows to version 21H1 first. To do this, call the Windows update function in the settings and follow the instructions.
Otherwise use COMPUTER BILD-Blitz-Updater. Attention: This includes the willingness to take risks. Microsoft has tested Windows 11 extensively, but the version still contains bugs. If you want to be on the safe side, wait a few days for Windows to automatically report the update.

COMPUTER BILD-Blitz-Updater speeds up the process of switching to Windows 11.

Get Windows 11 via Lightning Update Tool

If you want to get started right away, you can use Blitz-Updater. But here too, a little patience is required, as the update tool will also reinstall Windows. Depending on the speed of the computer, the process takes from one to two hours. But don’t worry: your data and software won’t be affected by the process.

  1. Better safe than sorry: COMPUTER BILD always recommends making a backup before updating your Windows!
  2. Next, download the lightning updater. Double-click the downloaded file, then click And, then on Acceptance.
  3. If you get a warning from Windows (SmartScreen) – don’t worry! That’s because the software is not signed by Microsoft. Click Additional informationAnd run anyway And And.
  4. The lightning updater now appears as in the image above and is running the update from the network. Just wait for the window to disappear.
  5. Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool appears, in which you click Browse – Before – Accept Click. Don’t be surprised: the window is titled “Windows 10 Setup,” because it’s still officially the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10.
  6. In the next window, click Upgrade this PC now. The program then downloads Windows 11. Then follow the installation instructions.
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complete! If the message “This PC does not currently support the system requirements for Windows 11” appears in Step 6, the update cannot be installed on your PC. In this case, please note the information below.

Windows 10 21H2

If Microsoft offers you to update to Windows 21H2, your computer is not suitable for Windows 11.

Get Windows 11 update manually

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 11 for the first supported devices on October 5, 2021 at around 7 PM German time. From now on, Windows 11 may already be available to you via Windows Update. How to check this:

  1. Open Settings with Windows + i.
  2. Click Update and security, then on Looking for updates. If there are problems with searching for the update, our large Windows 10 Updates Overview article will help you.
  3. With a bit of luck, Windows 11 will already be officially activated for you. In this case, a corresponding message appears and you can start Windows 11 by clicking Download and install Start.
If the update to “Windows 10 21H2” appears instead, as in the image above, your computer is not suitable for Windows 11. In this case, you must stick to Windows 10 or bypass the Windows 11 system requirements.

Bypass system requirements

Microsoft has significantly increased Windows 11 hardware requirements. In addition to security features like the TPM-2 chip and Uefi with secure boot functionality, the update requires (with a few exceptions) an eighth-generation Intel processor, AMD’s Zen-2 line or Qualcomm’s Series 7 — a standard that some hardware models meet. Current computer only. If the message “This PC does not currently support the system requirements for Windows 11” appears during the update, you must first check the reason for this, because in some cases the missing requirements can be updated or activated in the BIOS. How to do this can be found in the special article Windows 11 system requirements. If the issue is with the processor, you can bypass the system requirements by installing Windows 11 via an in-place upgrade.
  1. Plug in a blank USB drive with a capacity of at least 8 GB.
  2. Start Blitz-Updater as described above. In step 6, select the option differently Create installation media … for another computer.
  3. Make sure you have the option Use the recommended options for this computer It is highlighted and clicked Continue.
  4. Select the correct USB drive and click Continue. The program then creates an installation stick for Windows 11.
  5. Then open the stick in Windows Explorer and double-click on the file setup.exe.
  6. Follow the installation instructions. CAUTION: After scanning your computer, Microsoft reports that it does not meet the requirements for Windows 11. If you update anyway, you may lose your support rights and will not receive updates from Microsoft.

Do you prefer a clear cut and prefer a complete reinstall of Windows 11? Then use Blitz Updater to create a setup stick as described in the previous section and start the computer from the stick. It works like this:

  1. Click in the start menu on off.
  2. Hold the Shift key and click start over And if necessary on Reboot anyway.
  3. In Advanced Startup Options, click To use the device Then on a USB drive. On models from Medion and Lenovo, the stick is often called “Linpus Lite”.

Now the PC starts from the stick. Follow the instructions to reinstall Windows 11. All data on your hard drive will be lost.

Go back to Windows 10

Do you not like Windows 11 or are you having problems? You can go back to Windows 10 for up to ten days after installation. It works like this:

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut WIN + I.
  2. Click below System employment Recovery.
  3. For “If this version does not work, try downgrading to Windows 10”, click Returns.
  4. Click Another reasonAnd Continue And no thanks, twice Continue And Go back to Windows 10.

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