Winamp 5.9 Build 9999: Release Candidate Compatible with Windows 11

Winamp 5.9 Build 9999: Release Candidate ist kompatibel zu Windows 11

Almost four years after version 5.8, which was released as a beta in October 2018 and therefore not final, the classic media player Winamp 5.9 Build 9999 has been released as a release candidate. While the beta version was intended to ensure compatibility with Windows 10 at the time, Winamp 5.9 now works on Windows 11.

The first final release in nearly 9 years is approaching

The hugely popular Winamp media player, which was particularly popular at the turn of the millennium, emerged from American developer Nullsoft more than 25 years ago as beta software for Windows 95 and quickly established itself as the standard for playing MP3 files.

The “old” Winamp had its heyday with the advent of MP3 music and competed at the turn of the millennium with competitors such as AIMP and Foobar2000, which also had many fans.

But after more than 16 years, Winamp ended in 2013, and version 5.666 from December 12, 2013 remains the final release of the media player to this day. Now Winamp 5.9 is getting ready to inherit Winamp 5.6.

In addition to compatibility with Windows 11, the list of official release notes, among other things, improves the playback of audio streams and podcasts as well as support for VP8.

Winamp 5.9 Build 9999 Release Notes
  • Improved: Compatibility with Windows 11
  • Improvement: Turn on https://streams
  • Improved: Updated and arranged to generate html playlist icon
  • to improve: [in_mkv] vp8 support
  • to improve: [in_mod] Play the .itz, .mdz, and .com compressed modules. s3z and . xmz
  • to improve: [ml_wire] New Worker Podcast Guide
  • to improve: [out_ds] Display device information correctly in Unicode format

In addition, there are mandatory improvements and bug fixes that come with each new release. The latest version 9999 of Winamp 5.9 is still listed as Release Candidate 1 and is meant to precede the final release.

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Despite the advertisement, Winamp 6 never appeared

In October 2018, Radionomy announced Winamp 6 as a brand new version, but they have not yet introduced the final product.

With Winamp – the best media player, the company started the attack again in September 2021 and was actively looking for beta testers. So far, nothing has changed in this case and even the public beta is still not visible.

From the ComputerBase forum community, once again comes a very useful add-on for the editors’ contribution, that the respected media player Winamp is still kept with updates and additions.

The WinAmp Community Update Project (“WACUP”) takes care of Winamp maintenance, making the Winamp 5.666-based plug-in package available via the project’s official website.

Winamp (WACUP) – default classic theme (Photo: WACUP)

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, Winamp 5.9 Build 9999 version 1 can be downloaded directly below this message from the ComputerBase download area.


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