Win new Meskerem Mees

Win new Meskerem Mees

It’s going fast Meskerem miss. In 2019, she won the Regional Sound Track Award, and a year later she also won Humo’s Rock Rally. Meanwhile, she also created her first single Atmosphere, which was an instant success.

Last summer, we were able to spot Mays on various stages in Europe, and as icing on the cake, she managed to win the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland a few months ago, without realizing she was a competition. Simply put, Meskerem’s music is appreciated both inside and outside the country’s borders.

For her debut album, she chose the same approach as her previous singles: Less means more. “Julius” is like a warm cup of coffee that gently wakes you up on Sunday morning. With her voice, her guitar and the usual cellist Vibe Lazo It supplies gentle folk with words that make you think. Meskerem explained in an interview why it’s so small: “It turned out to be a very fragile album because that’s what I’ve been up to so far. You can literally hear someone trying something in their bedroom. Because of this small assortment, you can think with your eyes closed that in your bedroom you are going to have a special concert.

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