Williams sees sports growing in the United States

Williams sees sports growing in the United States

For years, Formula 1’s main goal was to gain a foothold in the United States. It was a difficult task for some time, but now it appears that the task has been a success. The popularity of this sport has grown in recent years, especially in the United States

This growth is due to several reasons, but in particular the “Drive to Survive” series on Netflix plays a major role. Formula 1 owners, Liberty Media, are clearly very pleased with this development and this is reflected in the sporting calendar. There are three US races on the calendar next season: Austin, Miami and Las Vegas.


Teams are also noticing that their sport is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Williams also notes, for example, that the British team has been owned by American Doriton for a few years and that the growth is remarkable. Motorsport.com quotes Commercial Director James Power: “In 2015, there were 45 US-based companies active in Formula 1. Now there are 108, twice that number. If you’re talking about technical partners, I’m talking about technical partners …that Formula 1 is the most data-driven sport in the world. And I’m seeing an influx of tech companies, especially from North America.”


According to Bower, the success of Formula 1 in America began much earlier than most people think. The Williams man points to 2012, when Formula 1 returned to the US “Since then you can really see that the sport is growing. That’s partly because of ESPN’s broadcasts. And the growth has continued over the past five years with Liberty, particularly in the marketing operations.” Management. This is really exceptional. Then get a taste of the Drive to Survive cake and the amazing race in Miami.”

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