Hagnar’s European Expansion – Sign+ Magazine

Hagnar's European Expansion - Sign+ Magazine

Major renovation, a unique “street printer” for advertising messages on grass or asphalt and to add to a partnership with a large German umbrella banner organization. Hagnar Advertising does not stand still.

Hagenar Ryclam recognized these letters on the roof of the Kralingen Sports Center.

Albert Steele, Commercial Director of Hagenaar Reclame, spoke of the company’s national and international growth ambitions at Sliedrecht: “As we have grown our offices, we underwent a major renovation of our business buildings last year. A new floor and a separate room for our printers were added. We also opened a new branch near Nijmegen, Close to the German border. It serves as the base for our growing customer base. It is actually a stock warehouse.”

comprehensive organization

The partnership entered into at the beginning of this year with a German umbrella signing organization is also in line with its growth ambitions. It has nearly 300 branches spread in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia. Haginaar says he bought shares in this company and intentionally deleted the name because they want to keep Hagenar Ryclam’s name abroad. Through the new partnership and the resulting collaboration, Hagenaar Reclame has become part of one of the largest label companies in Europe. This provides benefits to companies operating internationally in areas such as rebranding, signature or strategic support.

Would you like to read more about the growth ambitions of the Hagenaar Reclame and the special street printer? Read the full article “Hagenaar Reclame’s International Growth Ambitions” here. This article also appeared in Sign + Magazine 4-2022.

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