Williams chose after other teams to lose weight significantly

Williams kiest in navolging van andere teams voor opmerkelijk gewichtsverlies

Following the example of teams such as Aston Martin and McLaren, Williams has also chosen to drop weight from its car in an impressive fashion. The British racing stable, like the competitors, began removing the paint from the FW44 in order to save weight.

Car weight is a well-known issue this season. Many new cars suffer from “overweight”, so options are being sought in various ways to reduce the weight of the car. One of the most amazing ways we’ve seen in recent weeks is to remove paint from cars. For example, the Aston Martin came out 350 grams lighter after removing the paint.


Dave Robson, head of performance at Williams, said the Williams team, following the lead of Aston Martin and McLaren, is now choosing the brilliant solution. “We always aim to have a car as light as possible,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s too obvious, but the color has changed a little bit.” Motorsport.com To the last Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.


Robson continues on what exactly has changed in the blue Williams cars. He finally added, “We’ve tried to reduce weight by removing paint. I’m not quite sure where we stand compared to others when it comes to weight gain, but it’s really hard to get these cars below the weight limit.” employment.

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