Whatsapp 4 update brings new features in the next 4 weeks

Whatsapp 4 update brings new features in the next 4 weeks

Whatsapp introduced communities and also introduced four new functions in group chats. All information is here.

In the next few weeks, it will be Whatsapp

Four new jobs

Introducing, which should serve as the basis for a more comprehensive innovation: launch

Whatsapp communities.

Before launching Whatsapp Communities, Whatsapp introduces many new features in group chats. This should create a foundation for communities, allow users to better share content, and prevent the potential flooding of group conversations with messages. According to Whatsapp, the following functionality will be available in the next few weeks:

  • Interactions:

    Users can reply to messages with emojis to express their opinions in a chat message in a very short format without having to create a new chat message.

  • Deleted by the administrator:

    Group admins have the ability to delete irrelevant or problematic messages in group chats, making them invisible to all users.

  • File sharing:

    In the future, files up to 2GB in size can be shared via group chats. This would, among other things, make it easier to work together on projects.

  • Larger groups on voice calls:

    Not always everything can be clarified in writing using chat messages. Voice chat is often helpful. Whatsapp increases the number of users allowed to participate in such a voice call at the same time to up to 32 participants. There is also a completely redesigned interface for voice calls.

Whatsapp users will receive these functions in the coming weeks


Whatsapp users will receive these functions in the coming weeks

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The first reports about the introduction of Whatsapp communities were already available in November 2021, when the corresponding information was discovered in the source code. Several group chats should be merged into one community via Whatsapp communities and group admins should be able to manage groups more easily.

In a blog post, Whatsapp is now also officially commenting on Whatsapp Communities and explains:

“They will make it possible to gather different WhatsApp groups under one roof and organize them in a useful way. Members will receive information that is sent to the entire community and can open smaller discussion groups on their own topics.”

All messages exchanged in these communities are secured by end-to-end encryption, so that members of the community can be sure that their messages cannot be read by outsiders.

There will also be comprehensive management functions for the communities. Such as sending advertisements to all members and controlling which groups can be included in the community. These functions are intended to make it easier for school administrators, for example, providing parents with important information and creating groups for special courses, extracurricular activities, or volunteers.

In the blog post, Whatsapp also took on the competition. So it says there:

“While other apps allow chatting with tens of thousands of participants, we are focused on supporting the groups that are part of our daily lives.”

Whatsapp does not reveal when WhatsApp communities can start. We are still in the beginning, and creating the new jobs required for them will be the focus of work in the coming year.

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