Will Twitter become a platform without rules?

Will Twitter become a platform without rules?

in early! Push technology journalist Eva Hoffman from green Amsterdam To talk about these developments on social media.

Elon Musk

The tricky point is the acquisition plans of tech billionaire Elon Musk. The richest man in the world is himself an avid Twitter user, and he’s been busy lately buying some shares. His initial $40 billion bid may sound like music to shareholder ears, but Musk appears to be trying to hold back. Or is this just a tactic? According to Hoffman, Musk has a “trumpy” tactic, in which attention and noise are the main tone.

Twitter Village Square

There is an image of Twitter as a “village yard” with plenty of space for discussion and information sharing, but that image isn’t entirely true, according to Hoffman. Social media platforms like Twitter thrive on emotions, and through the use of algorithms, you are also the first to see those emotions. There is little room for constructive discussion, and it is mainly about sharing controversial opinions. As a result, Twitter’s role in the public debate is often overestimated, according to Hoffman.

Musk is in force

If Musk takes the helm of Twitter, a lot of change could happen. The billionaire is completely against libertarian ideology, and is a supporter of complete freedom on the platform. Not only does this mean that people like former President Donald Trump are welcome on Twitter again, but you should also be able to shout out whatever falls within the confines of the law. Twitter is referred to as “sewers” from time to time, and those sewers will only get dirty if Musk takes control.

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