Will the SN11 prototype fly today? Watch live broadcasts – VTM.cz

Will the SN11 prototype fly today?  Watch live broadcasts - VTM.cz

Updated March 28th

The start of the live broadcast has been tentatively planned with a Czech commentary by Dushan Majer today, ie. Sunday March 28 at 8:00 pm our time!

Updated March 26th

Updated 21:15 He stressed, the start will not happen today. According to the information available, we can count on another attempt on Monday at the earliest.

Updated 21:05 Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will fly today. We are still waiting for confirmation from SpaceX, but local roads have already opened.

Update 19:35 The start of the live broadcast with the Czech commentary has been postponed to 22:00 PM.

Updated 19:25 From the starting window, a little over 6 hours remain and preparations continue. However, there are still cranes on the launch pad so it looks like we have to wait a few more hours.

Updated 6:55 PM The sky over Boca Chica is currently cloudy, but according to the weather forecast, it should be clear soon.

Updated 18:30 Take a look at the Raptor engines’ static ignition test report:

Updated 6:05 PM Residents of the village of Boca Chica have received evacuation instructions that have already been officially released. Airspace is liberated with the approval of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Updated 16:00 SpaceX engineers head to the launch pad to check the status of SN11 and begin preparing it for launch.

Updated at 15:30 The village of Boca Chica prepares for evacuation.

Update 15:25 The start of the live broadcast with the Czech commentary has been postponed to 20:00 PM.

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Updated at 2:55 pm Venting occurs after the static ignition test. So far, everything seems optimistic.

Update 14:15 It is not yet certain whether the trip will actually take place. However, if this happens, it will be the first time that the start will take place on the same day as the static ignition test of the Raptor engines.

For today, ie. On Friday, March 26th, another prototype flight of the upcoming Starship Starship is tentatively scheduled for. It currently has a “to be confirmed” status on the Space Launch Now server.

The live broadcast should begin with a Czech comment by Dushan Majer at 16:00 PM:

SpaceX has transported the SN11, another prototype of the upcoming spacecraft, to the launch pad in Boca Chica. NASA’s Spaceflight server indicated this.

SN10 a SN11 (Photo: Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0)

Remember, the test flights of all previous prototypes – SN8, SN9 and SN10 – ended in a blast. However, the latter has already managed to land successfully at least.

As for SN11, some sources are optimistic that it could theoretically start next week. But this is not very likely. First of all, it must pass all necessary tests.

However, SpaceX meanwhile came up with another strategy that could allow SN11 to land smoothly.

“Next time, at least 2 engines all the way to the ground and restart Engine 3 if the engine encounters 1 or 2 problems,” It is to explain Last Saturday, its CEO, Elon Musk, on Twitter.

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