Will Robin Koeman be the next Frisian West of the Netherlands?

Will Robin Koeman be the next Frisian West of the Netherlands?

Big panties – Will Robyn Koeman, a born and raised Western Frisian, soon become the master of the Netherlands in 2020? On the Monday Night Show on WEEFF Radio, we zoomed in with Robin Koeman, the finalist for the 2020 Mr.

Robin Koeman – WEEFF

You might be thinking: An election for bright minds, but not just that, Robin says: “It’s quickly being seen as a meat screening, but the overall picture is really being looked at: How do you come across? Are you good and healthy with the body, things like that.”

“It’s about the big picture, not just the looks.”

Robin Koeman

Get out of your comfort zone

Robin was asked to participate in the male election last year. He didn’t see the invitation coming: “I did some modeling work and there are some pictures of it on the internet. It seems that it is noticed.”

With this election, Robin is really out of his comfort zone. “You feel a certain pressure. Make sure you look good and what they’re going to look at. That makes it exciting.”

Watch the WEEFF Radio interview with Robin Koeman here. The text continues below the video.

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