Will Hull be closed? What we know so far is looming on the horizon from Level 2 in East Yorkshire

Will Hull be closed?  What we know so far is looming on the horizon from Level 2 in East Yorkshire

Halloween looks set to become a real pre-Christmas nightmare as Hal and East Riding swings about to enter Level 2 lockdown.

Talks were reportedly ongoing between the advisers and the government on Wednesday (28 October) over placing the two regions in the high risk category of the Coronavirus Warning System.

It comes as cases continue to rise across the region.

Another 299 positive tests were confirmed on Wednesday, and another 352 cases just 24 hours ago.

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Covid test center on Inglemire Street in Hull

An announcement could be made early Thursday (October 29) as both houses prepare to continue discussions with the government and provide formal confirmation.

Hull and East Riding are expected to advance to Level 2 from midnight on Halloween, Hull Live understands.

For most people, this is not surprising. The area has been knocking on the Level 2 door for quite some time now.

Cases have actually increased recently and the number of deaths has started to rise again.

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In Hull, the number of new cases increased by 142 on Wednesday.

The city has a total population of 3,574 with an infection rate of 1,375.8 per 100,000 residents since the start of the pandemic.

157 cases have also been confirmed in East Riding.

There are now 4,529 cases in the region and the infection rate has risen to 1,327.5.

Over the past seven days, there have been 856 cases of novel coronavirus infection in East Riding and another 696 in Hull.

No other deaths were recorded on Wednesday, however, eight deaths were announced in the previous five days.

The number of hospital deaths in Hull and East Yorkshire reached 230.

So as you can see, it is not surprising that talks about the status of the region at Level 2 are continuing.

This will mean tighter restrictions.

It is worth noting that different families will no longer be able to mix inside, whether it is in their homes or in public places, unless you have formed a support bubble.

  • Areas classified as high risk have restrictions on household mixing indoors while the rule of six continues to be applied outdoors.
  • People should not socially meet friends and family at home unless they live with them or have formed a support bubble with them.
  • Up to 15 guests are allowed at weddings and up to 30 people are allowed at funerals, with up to 15 guests allowed for receptions and wake-ups.
  • Shops, gyms, and all educational spaces and houses of worship may remain open, with overnight stays permitted.
  • Travel advice for those who live in Level 2 areas is to reduce the number of trips they take where possible and avoid traveling to Level 3 areas that are too high.
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If things don’t improve for the next six to eight weeks, then Halloween is really a pre-Christmas nightmare.

There is some relief though. The move to Level 2 will not necessarily have an impact on pubs, bars and restaurants.

They can still work until 10pm, and many stores, gyms, hair salons, and other businesses in the area are supposed to be able to operate as normal.

Additional government funding will also be provided for the transition to Level 2.

Find the most recent status numbers for your area

Firms will be eligible for monthly grants of £ 2,100 and an increased contribution to workers’ wages under the Jobs Support Scheme.

For now, Westminster councilors and members continue discussions with Hull and its East Riding neighbors pending confirmation with concern.

By Saturday, things might look different.

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