Shoti Sardarni update, 28 October: Sarab, Mehr Kollwant, Peto and Rana are arrested for killing Manaf

Shoti Sardarni update, 28 October: Sarab, Mehr Kollwant, Peto and Rana are arrested for killing Manaf
Choti Sardarni’s episode begins with Sima seeing Surya Pratap’s body and crying her heart out. Sima and Aditi feel devastated to see his body. Vikram hugs and cries hard.

Meanwhile, Rana and Peto ask Colwant to have their future in danger and prepares to attend Surya Pratap’s funeral. Colwant is suspicious of Surya in the hospital too late at night. Rana told her that he must have gone to see a mirage and she refused to answer, as she definitely felt something was wrong.

Param video calling Meher and they have some intimate conversations between them. Once, Baram told Maher when Baram was missing Maher, Sarab gave him 100 kisses. Maher kisses a mirage brow and wakes up. Maher disconnects Baram and tells him they will talk later.

On the other hand, Kulwant arrives at Surya’s funeral and starts creating drama. She cries out loud and says how a decent person like Surya fell from the sixth floor. Amrita tries to stop her but does not listen to anyone. Vikram, aka Manav, gets angry and stops her. He asks her to come to the corner because he wants to talk to her.

Kulwant starts the drama again in front of Vikram and asks her what she wants from him. She told him when Sarab gained consciousness, the first thing he would do was arrest her and her two sons Beto and Rana for killing Manaf.

Colwant says that if she is caught, she will reveal his identity to everyone. You will tell everyone that Vikram is the manav. Kulwant is also blackmailed by knowing that his mother, Sima, has heart problems and will not be able to receive the shocking news that you are not his son.

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Vikram remembers in a flashback the promise he made to Surya Pratap that he would never reveal his true identity to Seems. Vikram calls Kulwant selfish and should be ashamed of herself.

Colwant arrives at the hospital with her two sons to meet Sarab. She tells them to fake tears and lie to a mirage that their wives are pregnant if he tries to send them to prison.

Colwant sees the policemen there and feels they have come to investigate the attack on Sarab. But Sarab arrested Colwant and asked the policeman to arrest her and her sons for killing Manaf. Colwant swears by a mirage and tries to prove her innocence. But Mehr stopped them, and Sarab also says she needs punishment.

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