Why wood construction offers opportunities for the future

Why wood construction offers opportunities for the future

A recent report by the United Nations showed that nearly 40% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide are caused by construction. We will face a challenge in the coming years, because less harmful substances must be emitted and more homes must be built to fill the housing shortage. This is why we are jointly taking major steps toward a climate-neutral future. As far as we are concerned, timber construction has the future to achieve goals in this field. It not only ensures accelerated and affordable housing construction, but also contributes to a sustainable world, without compromising on quality and comfort.

The largest Dutch wood construction project

In Holland we used to build houses of stone, concrete and steel. To meet the new futuristic building demands, wood construction offers many opportunities for a climate-neutral and healthy future. Much is already being built this way in Switzerland and Scandinavia. Building on this knowledge and recent research by TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology, the “Puur Wonen in Meerhoven” project has emerged in Eindhoven. The first large-scale timber construction project in the Netherlands, in which construction of the structure, floors and facades of 56 houses was carried out entirely in a certified Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

natural living environment

The district of Mayrhofen in Eindhoven is green and we would like to keep it that way! That is why we weight the site as little as possible, take nature into account and enhance the biodiversity of the area. We do this, among other things, by reusing materials, creating a floral rich environment with a healthy mix of plants and pools and by placing semi-paved roofs. The goal is to create an ideal and natural environment for humans and animals.

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Advantages of wooden construction

By using wood, we not only speed up housing construction, but also ensure a healthier living environment and have positive effects on people’s physical and mental condition. This way you literally feel better in the home of CLT. Main advantages:

  • Wood provides a balanced regulation of moisture and humidity.
  • Wood does not cause allergies. Wood produces less dust and is therefore very suitable for people suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • It has good thermal and acoustic properties.
  • Fire safe application due to low thermal conductivity and fire retardant finish.
  • Wood is maintenance friendly.
  • Timber stores CO2. If you use it to build, it will still be locked.

Minimum ecological footprint

Health, nature, circularity and energy form the core of the “Puur Wonen” project. The reuse of raw materials has already been taken into account in the design of the project. For example, all roofs are covered with round bitumen (situmen) and all houses are largely demountable and recyclable. The amount of wood used in this project (about 2,800 m3) grows again in less than two hours in European forests, where CLT Profi obtains CLT wood. We also ensure a minimal environmental footprint during the construction phase, among other things, by using electricity generated from solar panels and by using electric construction hoists. Everything that is not electric is biodiesel. How pure do you want?

Experience the possibilities of building with wood

Are you a beginner in circular living and CO2 reduction and want to realize sustainable ambitions in your area? Then visit our model house and experience the advantages of wooden construction for yourself. Houses are open to municipalities, housing associations or other initiators. We are happy to help you achieve more of your ambitions. Register for a non-binding appointment via www.kalliste.nl

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