Why citizens, policymakers, and business leaders need to know more about the circular economy

Why citizens, policymakers, and business leaders need to know more about the circular economy

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Vienna, Austria: What or what: Business leaders, policymakers, and citizens need to be educated about the circular economy, which is an emerging model and critical concept that provides many different opportunities while requiring different priorities in different parts of the world. The prevailing linear economy is causing massive damage to societies and economies, and a different approach is becoming more urgent and imperative.

According to the CGR 2021 Periodic Gap Report, humanity has reached two major stages: The world consumes 100 billion tons of materials annually, which is one degree warmer A circular economy can help meet these challenges, while there is an urgent need to educate citizens, decision-makers, business decision-makers and others about revenue fundamentals, the role of consumers, companies, and regulatory frameworks.

The trading system helps ensure the development of an affordable and environmentally friendly infrastructure, has the potential to create jobs for millions of workers in the informal economy and helps maintain the productive capacity of essential natural capital.

For basic information on the circular economy in Africa, please refer to Africa Spotlight | Turn or turn (https://bit.ly/3drbgBm).

Being Wednesday 14 April 2021 3 pm CET, Circular spin (A non-profit organization based in Vienna, Austria, and advocating for a more circular economy through independent and constructive reporting, knowledge brokers and scientific outreach) will hold an online press conference highlighting the opportunities and challenges facing the circular economy, and why more efforts are needed to educate citizens and leaders Business and policymakers around the rotation.

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The press conference is an official side event of the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), organized by the Finnish Innovation Fund CITRA Front Page – SITRA. It would also be a smooth launch of Imagine spinning at Home – Imagine Circularity, the first ever global survey initiative that engages citizens and other stakeholders around the world to present their perspectives, perceptions and ideas on the circular economy from their point of view.

Journalists in attendance will learn about the rotation according to their region, enabling them to report on the circular shift, presenting and educating the public about the opportunities and challenges facing corporate circular business models and policies, policymakers, financiers, and other stakeholders to influence. Journalists who wish to obtain a copy of a book entitled The circular economy of the dolls We welcome the panel’s co-author (available for review and interview authors for a story) to notify our team prior to the event, so we’ll coordinate the handover around the book’s official publication date, April 27.

Join senior panelists and journalists from nearly all parts of Africa, Europe and the United States for insights on the rotation

when: Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM CET / WAT (Find out the time in your country: https://bit.ly/3ciC72X)

real: Online via ZOOM

Registration: All journalists residing in Africa and abroad: Register here before April 12 for accreditation to receive login details ZOOM: Register for online press conference – REVOLVE CIRCULAR (https://APO-opa.com/revolve-en)

Languages: English (with simultaneous translation into French)

Speakers: Jocelyn Landry Tsunang Member of the Executive Committee of the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Cameroon

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Walter JV Vermiolin , Professor of Corporate Sustainability Governance and Circular Economy, Utrecht University, Dutch

Kyle G. Ritchie , Director of Sustainable Design for Education at CannonDesign and Founder of Circular Economy Studio, United State

Surin Bauer President, REVOLVE Post, Austria / Germany

Equation: Four brief preliminary statements followed by a 40-minute moderated question-and-answer session.

Ask questions: All journalists are encouraged to ask questions about the topic related to their lands prior to the event so that committee members can address them during the event. The deadline for submitting questions is April 12 at CoB. Those who did not submit questions prior to the event will have the option to ask questions directly during the event.


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