Why can healthy young volunteers be infected with the COVID-19 virus


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We allow people to volunteer for things that carry risks

Al-Attar said that the principle of “first, do no harm” does not necessarily apply here. “Trials are experimentation. They are not intended to be the same goal of routine medicine in medicine.”

The best analogy, he said, is firefighters. “With the firefighters, you are recruiting people who are ready to risk crashing into a burning building. They know that a collision with a burning building can kill them, and they know that there may not be a rescue for them. But they nonetheless volunteer to do so, for sure high stakes, although less Dangerous from a global pandemic, which is on its way to kill millions. “

Dr. Michael Silverman said there are groups in Canada that are interested in human challenge experiments, and are more likely to step forward if they know the federal government is open to them.

“We feel that political leaders should come forward, because we want Canada to be part of the solution, rather than waiting for others to do so,” said Silverman, chair of infectious diseases at Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine. And dentistry. With proper ethical oversight, and providing safe spaces for volunteers to stay so that they do not spread the virus and only select those with the lowest known risk of developing serious complications, “only then can you try different vaccines and see if they prevent infection,” Silverman said.

“We allow people to volunteer for risky things,” Silverman said. “People can join the army during a war because they want to help their country, and we’re not saying it’s unethical because they might get hurt.”

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