Who will save the United States from all these cowardly politicians?

Who will save the United States from all these cowardly politicians?

The crisis of American democracy is far from over and will remain a struggle for the time being. This is evident from a shocking new book. He writes that it is the excess of cowardly politicians that disturbs the country Victor Buck

Victor Buck (1995) Editor in E.W. Every Saturday he blogs about what’s going on in American politics.

It is not an indictment of American politicians and politicians, after reading it This will not pass yes. New York timesJournalists Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin have followed politics in Washington, D.C. for more than a decade and written a book about the 2020 White House battle and beyond.

So far little news, countless books have been published about the final battle for the White House after more than a year. However, Burns and Martin are the best in their field and were able to put the necessary news in their book. This creates an unattractive image for anyone working in Washington, DC. What they see is a crisis in American democracy that has not ended for a while – hence the title.

Fear and uncertainty rule the Democrats

The book begins with insights into the Democratic Party. After a turning point in the primaries in early 2020, Joe Biden is the presidential candidate looking for a friend: the vice president. In the real knockout race, Biden and his cronies crossed out every one of the talented candidates so that Kamala Harris would remain. Not because she is full of political talent or extensive political experience or otherwise. Harris is the safest and least risky option. So the politicians with whom Biden clicks best should leave the field.

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More than a year into the presidency shows how well this is going: Harris is no more popular than Biden, and last week they dined together for the third time of the year, despite Biden promising to lunch with Harris every week.

Sporadic successes are seldom celebrated

The Democrats, controlled by the Seniors Club of Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (71), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (82) and of course President Biden (79), are spiraling out of control. Biden alternates between being held hostage by a group of progressive House politicians, and conservative senators, and his fear of speaking out and stepping up the forces.

For example, Biden and his party forget to promote frugal outcomes, such as the Infrastructure Act and Ukraine’s Successful Aid, to the voter. Biden’s predecessor, Barack Obama, fell into this trap, and despite his own experience and desire not to, Biden does.

Republican McCarthy quickly returned to Trump’s side after January 6

Incomprehensible, because the state of the Republican Party is, if possible, more dramatic. The party identified former President Donald Trump’s complaints. The actions of House Party Leader Kevin McCarthy are shocking.

The book explains that it boils after storming the Capitol. McCarthy tries to persuade Trump to step down as president, but soon ends his efforts. After the book was published, McCarthy denied it ever was, but Burns and Martin have tapes saying so.

Not surprisingly, McCarthy was photographed alongside Trump at his exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on January 28, 2021, 22 days after the attack on American democracy. embarrassingly yes.

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Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, has a stronger backbone. But not firmly enough to vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment. What speaks for McConnell is that he has kept his distance from the former president since the storming of the Capitol.

Political nihilism threatens American democracy

Only McConnell neglects to develop his own Republican story. McConnell voted for the president’s infrastructure bill, but he has no story about where the United States will go if he regains power in the Senate after the midterm elections. Republicans support everything, as long as it is the opposite of Democrats.

The result is political nihilism that dominates and threatens American democracy. No one dares to take risks for fear of losing his power. For example, Democrats engage in their own internal battles, while Republicans stand to halt the anti-democratic movement. With such a cowardly attitude, democracy cannot be protected forever.

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