Showrunner Drive to Survive explains the power of documentaries

Showrunner Drive to Survive legt kracht van de docuserie uit

Drive to Survive host Cassie Bennett points to Ferrari and Mercedes’ absence from the first season of the Netflix docuseries as a major force. With the two big teams not competing, attention has turned to characters who usually don’t get that much time, like Haas boss Guenther Steiner.

The Drive to Survive program sparked public interest in the first class of motorsport, especially in the United States. During the registration of the first season in 2018, Ferrari and Mercedes did not want to cooperate. As a result, the production had to choose other stories, and that’s how Haas’ head team ended up. He became hugely popular due to his peppery pronouncements. Daniel Ricciardo could also count on a lot of sympathy.

Formula 1 circuit

Bennett talking to From where I was inspired by this series. “What I love about the Formula 1 circuit is that it is an exciting place, where deals are made, dreams come true and dreams come true,” she begins. For the success of the season, she cited the absence of Ferrari and Mercedes. “They didn’t want to be involved,” she explains, “This is public knowledge. That means we had to look for the stories elsewhere. And I think that basically helped shape the show.”

other teams

This means that the other stables got more time. “Haas is a classic example of this. Guenther Steiner, his fan base is absolutely incredible. I think even my boyfriend is obsessed with Guenther!” Bennitt said. With twenty drivers, there is always a story to be found. “At the beginning of the season we obviously don’t know what’s going to happen and then we often try to get to know the characters and tell their stories,” she continues. In the end, the series is hugely popular and Bennett hopes to be able to work on it for years to come. “I would like to work on it until the seventh or eighth season,” she concluded.

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