Who uses pager technology today?

Pagers can still be bought today, but they are not cheap if they are bought just for fun – the Alphapoc costs between 115 and 165 euros.

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Although it was made in the 1950s and 1960s, the pager only became a status symbol in the 1980s, with it receiving messages from doctors, lawyers, police officers, and the big “wolves” of Wall Street.

By the 1990s, they had become a pop culture icon, so in 1998 Missy Elliott sang “Beep Me 9-1-1”, and just two years later, Jay-Z sang “Motorola Two-Way Page Me.”

Today, they have been completely abandoned by modern citizens who are always on the lookout, so you might have thought they went into the eternal realms of technological waste, but some professions still use them today.

Surgery is so advanced that robots are already performing operations remotely, but many doctors still use pager to communicate with each other – it may sound like a back-end tool, but it prevents accidents when it comes to data security, so patient information is fairly reliable What.

Nuclear power plants are also a high-tech issue, but the pager is also the preferred method of communication here. Operators use these devices to send security alerts, monitor equipment, and send changes related to automated operations. Since it will be difficult to penetrate the Internet signal through the thick walls of the power plant, a pager is a good solution.

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In the United States, money is still spent on pagers, and according to 2012 data, about seven million dollars were spent on this device. Many of these devices are worn by firefighters and medical professionals who must be available at all times. The messages on pagers are short, easy to understand and don’t drain the battery like modern smartphones.

How does the pager work?
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The pager’s most interesting users are bird watchers, and they use them to get messages about where a particular species has been spotted. This may not be as important as a letter sent to a firefighter or paramedic, but a pager is an essential tool for staying, as they say, a somewhat competitive hobby.

Pagers can still be bought today, but they are not cheap if they are bought just for fun – the Alphapoc 701 costs between 115 and 165 euros. Second-hand products are a little cheaper, so they can be found on eBay for 17 euros.

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