These brokers work at The Oppenheim Group but you don’t see them on the show

These brokers work at The Oppenheim Group but you don't see them on the show

Kristen Quinn and Chriselle Stoes have a few pals we don’t see at the sunset sale.

After four seasons sunset sale Can we all name the psychics in the Oppenheim Group, the correct? Well not quite. next one Kristen Quinn & Co. There are also a few work realtors For the Oppenheim group who don’t appear on the Netflix show. It’s time to get to know!

Cassidy Hepler

For a long time we thought that all offices in the Oppenheim Group office are occupied by brokers who sunset sale It can be seen. That is not the case, it appeared a while ago from a video of one another realtorsAnd Cassidy Hepler. On TikTok she gave an insight into her life as a real estate agent. First of all, the office in particular seemed very familiar to us. In her video we see what a day on the Oppenheim set looks like when the Netflix cameras aren’t filming.

According to the Oppenheim Group website, Cassidy has been with us since June 2020 part of the team. She regularly shares photos of her work as a real estate agent on TikTok and Instagram.

Nicole Young

Also Nicole Young works as realtor In the Oppenheim group, but not in sunset sale to see. However, a look at Nicole’s Instagram page tells us that she is a good friend of sunset sale-Stars. For example, she has many photos on her Instagram with Chrisel StuzAnd Emma Hernan in a Heather Ray Young She was at the famous dog party Mary Fitzgerald in a Jason Oppenheim.

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Nicole is originally from Minnesota, but has lived in Los Angeles since 2007. According to The Oppenheim Group’s website, she is now best performance.

Graham Stephen

The observer has Graham Stephen You may have seen it many times in sunset saleBut he does not have a prominent role in the show. According to The Oppenheim Group, Graham took his first steps in the brokerage business early on. so it will be real estate license Shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Since 2008, he’s sold over $125 million homes and earns more every year.

But, Graham doesn’t just work as a real estate agent. On YouTube, he shares his best tips for making money. This is shown to be a huge success by the number of subscribers it has: more than 3.5 million!

Peter Cornell

Peter Cornell A mediator and director of the sports and leisure division of the Oppenheim Group. Before starting work as realtorPeter was a professional basketball player. As a seasoned real estate investor and developer, former professional athlete and NBA player agent, Peter’s multifaceted approach to marketing, negotiation and transactions is new and effective.

And also an interesting fact: Peter is the joint ex of Kristen and Emma (and Heather). “My ex was dating someone else while he was still dating me,” Kristen told the show. “I had no idea. I caught him in the street with her. Then she broke up.” Emma also tells her side of the story: “I saw Kristen for the first time that day. It wasn’t a comfortable thing. I left the gym with whoever I thought was my friend, then suddenly she was standing in front of me with a friend who screamed: ‘Who f * ck This is?’ And I just thought, “This is my boyfriend,” Emma said. Pooh, this is Peter…

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Peter Cornell, 2008. BILD: BRONOPRES

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Peter Cornell, 2008. BILD: BRONOPRES

Kate Gallivan

Kate Gallivan He’s originally from Nashville, but moved to sunny Los Angeles seven years ago. She has been working as a real estate agent since 2016. According to the Oppenheim Group, she is very detailed, communicates effectively and always has a positive attitude.

Although Kate is not featured in sunset sale, can now be seen in another program. A brunette participates in the twenty-sixth season of BSC in the United States of America. Used to like something!

Omar Abaza

Omar Abaza He has been working for The Oppenheim Group since August 2020, as can be seen on his Instagram. Omar is fluent in English, French and Arabic, according to the broker’s website. His international background means that he is the ideal person for both local and international clients.

Romy Moillon

Romy Moillon Lives in Los Angeles since 2013. As part of Salesforce CEO . Marketing Team Marc Benioff I traveled all over the world and learned about the best interiors and architecture. After her travels, she moved into commercial and luxury real estate home organization. “Through these experiences, she has improved her negotiating skills while learning about the charming neighborhoods and the amazing properties that Los Angeles has to offer,” the Oppenheim Group’s website reads. “Romy’s clients are attracted to her work ethic, integrity, patience, enthusiasm, and her ability to close deals.”

Although this is a long list of psychics from the Oppenheim group who are not in sunset sale It can be seen that brokerage employs more people. So it is no surprise that the Oppenheim Group is one of the largest brokerage firms in Los Angeles and is now expanding.

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