“Who Thinks It Is?”: George Clooney revealed the details of his old feud with Russell Crowe

“Who Thinks It Is?”: George Clooney revealed the details of his old feud with Russell Crowe
George Clooney and his old feud with Russell Crowe

George Clooney is one of the most beloved men in Hollywood and the general public. However, despite his friendly demeanor, the Oscar winner does not have a friendly relationship with all of his teammates. In a recent interview for the magazine GQ, In which he also confirmed that he gave $ 1 million to close friends in 2013, the movie star revealed some Details of the old feud between him and Russell Crowe, who is also a famous actor.

As he noted, it all began in 2005 when he insulted the heroine of “The Gladiator,” Harrison Ford, Robert De Niro, and George Clooney, describing them.Sold “ To appear in ads.

In an interview with the post, Clooney recalled his colleague’s quotes: Out of nowhere, he said, “I’m not as freaky as Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, and George Clooney. “Where the hell did this come from?”

When the director also learned of the New Zealand’s comments, he reacted with a humorous backlash as he gave a subtle irony from Rock Crowe’s band, “30 Odd Foot Of Grunts.”

“I made a statement that said, ‘He might be right. And I’m glad he told us, because Bob, Harrison and I were also thinking of creating a band, which would also fall under the Abuse of Fame. “.

But even though he assured his response was not malicious, he still managed to anger Crowe. According to Clooney himself:That’s when he got really mad at me. Who the hell does this man think this guy is? It’s Frank Sinatra’s ambition“.

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At the time, the protagonist of “Gravity” said he noticed that both were wrong when sending messages through others, so he decided to promote a more personal approach to clarify the situation and restore peace: “I sent him a message saying, “Dude, the only people who succeed when two famous people quarrel are from the magazine. Persons. What the hell happened to you?

The olive branch seems to have succeeded. In response, Crowe decided to send his partner a sample of his music and a poetry book to apologize for starting the fight. “I apologize for insulting me, which is something he really did. He quarreled with me for no reasonThe actor explained.

Later, the two actors met on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards. It was there that Crowe tried to personally apologize, but Clooney wasn’t willing to budge because he didn’t take the actor’s words well. “I think he said to me, “I misspelled it,” and I replied, “Yes, yes whatever.”“”.

The “Ocean’s Eleven” star also said in his interview that he is not a fan of his coworker’s fights and would rather see other celebs at war on social media. “I wouldn’t do that, but it’s a lot of fun“.

Actor Russell Crowe (EFE)
Actor Russell Crowe (EFE)

Speaking to the magazine, the translator confirmed that he had given $ 1 million to his 14 close friends.What I thought was if I was hit by a bus all of a sudden, they’d all show up in my will. So why wait“, reveal.

Clooney is currently married to a lawyer Amal Alamuddin He is the father of twins, so he wanted to thank the support they had provided him throughout his career.

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“I told myself that the only thing I really had were these guys, who helped me one way or the other for 35 years. I slept on their couches when I broke, and they loaned me money so I could get by.” “I realized that without them I wouldn’t have achieved anything for me.”

By the way, the 59-year-old actor also explained that he gave them this amount in cash and in an exclusive branded bag.

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