White House offers up to $10 million reward for information on hackers

White House offers up to $10 million reward for information on hackers

The US Department of State will provide rewards of up to 10 million dollars To obtain information that you allow to capture “pirates” Involved in cyber-attacks sponsored by a foreign country, most notably attacks from ransomware critical US infrastructure.

Workgroup created by White House Coordinating efforts to stop the various ransomware attacks it carries out pirates.

In addition, the US government has launched a website that provides public resources for countering cyber-attack threats.

More important to computer security

In the past year, the United States suffered a series of very serious cyber attacks, with many companies seeing their systems compromised, even causing fuel shortages on the East Coast of the United States.

The US government will introduce a mechanism for reporting suggestions on the “dark web” to protect sources that can identify cybercriminals, and rewards may include Cryptocurrency.

A White House spokesman declined to comment on whether the United States was involved in the disappearance Revel, a gang of Russian hackers have been behind numerous cyber attacks on businesses and government agencies, according to the Associated Press.

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