Where to dance in front of birthday cakes in Fortnite

Epic games

You’re just in time to celebrate Fortnite The third birthday, which might be hard to believe because it looks like the game just came out yesterday.

To celebrate, Epic Games offers a total of four cosmetics and 80,000 XP, all of which are completely free.

However, it’s a little trickier than just logging into the game, but you won’t have much trouble finishing all of these challenges. It runs until the end of September, so you don’t have to rush everything in one day if you want to take your time.

The only thing that will take some time is to track the different birthday cakes along the map, but it’s not as difficult as you think.

Where to find birthday cakes

Fortnite birthday cake sites

Cakes are everywhere. Fortnite.gg

According to the gorgeous folks at Fortnite.gg, it looks like almost every specific site will have a cake in it.

Upon landing, it won’t be very difficult to track down as there are likely to be several players instantly wandering around the giant cake. If you want to be that Man, you can easily pick some filtering and claim your own cake.

There aren’t many small cake plates in front of the larger one, so it’s definitely a first come, first serve case is that you want to end these challenges.

What else is there?

Two weeks birthday bash

Epic gamesIt’s a celebration!

Once you log into Fortnite during the celebration, you will receive a free “Take The Cake” icon.

The rest of the challenges will be finished quite easily as you will have to play matches and beat the opponents, so keep playing the game as you normally would.

As if you don’t already have enough on your plate, don’t forget the special thing Rocket League Crossover, Lama Rama, starts today too! It’s definitely an exciting time to be a fan of Fortnite!

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